A different kind of consultancy

Anyone who wants to persist in nowadays' business community needs more than good consultancy. He needs a consultancy being genuine and anticipating future challenges. For that reason, we offer a tax consultancy which is based on a business philosophy with clearly defined values.

An independent consultancy

It is our trademark to be independent from any conflicts of interest with other consultancy services. As a mere tax consultancy without any activities in the auditing sector we possess a unique feature that clearly disting- uishes us from competitors.

Facing reality

When working together with our clients, we regard ourselves as an equal partner. We are familiar with the companies' mentality and the process flow and speak the same language. According to this, our recommended course of action is very clear and - if necessary - not comfortable for all parties involved.

Recognizing tomorrow's challenges

Our demand is a tailor-made as well as a holistic consultancy, so that we do not merely attend to national rules and regulations. In order to develop fiscally optimized solutions we always adapt our results to our clients' overall context. We recognize tomorrow's challenges and help our clients to prepare for them in an optimal way.

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